Ship Basic Information
Ship Basic Information
Builders Fincantieri, Italy
Type Anchor Handling & Tug Supply Vessel
Flag Antigua & Barbuda
Port of registry St. John's
Classification ABS +A1,Towing Vessel, Fire Fighting Class 2, Offshore Support Vessel AH, Oil Recovery Capability Class 1, AMS, ACCU, DPS-2, TCM
Vessel Specific Information
Vessel Specific Information
Name IMO No. Year of Built Summer Deadweight (mt)
UOS CHALLENGER 9417414 May 2009 3,100
UOS COLUMBIA 9417426 Sept 2009 3,100
UOS DISCOVERY 9435088 Feb 2010 3,100
UOS ENDEAVOUR 9439890 Mar 2010 3,100
UOS EXPLORER 9439917 Mar 2010 3,100
UOS ENTERPRISE 9439905 Jul 2010 3,100
UOS FREEDOM 9439929 Jun 2010 3,100
UOS LIBERTY 9439931 Jun 2010 3,100
UOS NAVIGATOR 9439943 Oct 2010 3,100
UOS PATHFINDER 9439955 Oct 2010 3,100
UOS VOYAGER 9439967 Sept 2010 3,100
Dimension and Main Data
Dimension and Main Data
Length o. a. 76.50 m
Length b.p. 67.40 m
Breadth max. 17.50 m
Depth moulded 13.30 m
Deadweight 3,000 mt abt.
Draft design 5,50 m
Speed > 200 mt cont.
GT 2,922
NT 953
Crew Complement 14 (+ 16 Passengers)
Capabilities Pump Capacity
Drillwater 1,209 cbm 200 cbm/h
Freshwater 1,096 cbm 200 cbm/h
Fuel Oil 1,111 cbm 200 cbm/h
Base Oil 182 cbm 75 cbm/h
Brine 561 cbm 75 cbm/h
Mud, liquid 561 cbm 75 cbm/h
ORO 1,025 cbm n.a.
Dry Bulk 231 cbm n.a.
Chain Locker 540 cbm n.a.
Deck Capacity
Deck Capabilities
Deck Space 600 sqm
Permissable Load 10 t/sqm
Overall Deck Load Capacity 1000 t
Anchor handling/towing
Anchor handling/towing
Main Winch Hatlapa Towing / Anchor Handling Winche Water Fall Type 4500
450 t stalling pull / 550 t brake holding
Upper Drum: for 2850 meter of 90 mm steel wire
Lower Drum 2 pcs: for 1200 meter of 83 mm steel wire
Secondary Winch Lower Drum 2 pcs: for 1200 meter of 83 mm steel wire
Karmforks 2 sets of 650 t
Towing pins 2 sets of 250 t towing pins
Quarter pins 2 quarter pins 350 mm diameter max lifting height 700 mm
Stern roller Diameter 3500 mm 6000 mm wide 650t down pull
Deck Equipment
Deck Equipment
Roll Damping System / Stability Passive stabilising system
Fast workboat One MOB Boat, speed 30knts
Air Supply and Electrical Power Available
Dynamic Positioning System
Dynamic Positioning System
The vessel is equipped with a Kongsberg K-Pos dynamic positioning system / DP2
DP reference systems 2 Ultrasonic wind sensors, 2 Motion reference units (MRU), 2 DGPS, 1 Fan beam laser, 3 Gyro compasses, Spot Beam
Prepared for Hydro Acoustic System.
Dynamic Positioning System
Dynamic Positioning System
SWL Forward Crane 5 mt / 18m
SWL Aft Crane 3 mt / 15m
Machinery Main Engine
Type 5x MAK 6M32, 6x MAN 6L32
Power each 3,000kW / 4,080 bhp = total 16,320 bhp
Grade fuel used: MDO or MGO
2x Shaft Generator 2,800 kVA
2x Aux. Generators 460 kVA
1x Emergency Generator 150 kVA
Side Thrusters
Side Thrusters
One Controllable Pitch Bow Tunnel Thruster 900kW / 1,224 bhp
One Azimuth Drop Down Thruster In The Bow 900kW / 1,224 bhp
One Controllable Pitch Stern Tunnel Thruster 900kW / 1,224 bhp
Fule consumption
Fuel consumption per day (Bft 2)
In port 2 mt
Transit (economic) 20 mt (2 Engines running apprx. 11 knts.)
During Operation 50 mt
Navigation and communication equipment
Navigation and communication equipment
Radar X-Band & S-Band combined with ECDIS Gyro compass 3x
EDCIS Doppler Speedlog
Echosounder DGPS 3x
VHF DSC Controller
Navtex Weather Fax
2182 Receiver Walkie Talkies
MF/HF Radio DSC Controller
Inmarsat Fleet Broadband EPIRB
Inmarsat C 2x V-Sat
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